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Australian Esports League
Australian Esports League4 days ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Western Sydney University represented by 'McCheese' who is the 2019 AEL University Cup Champion πŸ† for Tekken 7!

Well played by all players!

Thank you to the awesome crowd and fans for the support and big turn out!

πŸ‘ Thank you to our partners who support the AEL University Cup and grassroots esports:⁠
PwC Australia the Strategic Sponsor!
OVO the Media and Telco Partner!
AOC Monitor the Gaming Monitor Partner!
Mwave Australia - Online Computer Store the Gaming PC Partner!
Indomie Australia the Event Partner!
Sennheiser Gaming the Gaming Audio Partner!
ZQRacing the Gaming Chair Partner!
#GameonOVO #tekken7 #supanova #champs
2 days ago
This is absolutely amazing 😍 we can't wait to see everyone else's entry!

The bar has been set!
AUesportsleague photo
Rahmat/ヨロロ/Cupu @followIndoPr0
@AUesportsleague @Indomielovers Okay AEL, I know you'll pick the winner randomly, but I just can't miss my opportunity to learn a thing or two about food photography.
Noodles. Frozen veggies boiled with the noodle. Sunny side up egg.
4 days ago
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