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Sign up for the 2021 Hearthstone Uni Cup proudly supported by McDonald’s Australia. Competition is open to all students living in the Australian & New Zealand (ANZ) region and will take place online from the 15th May until 12th June 2021!

Register before 12th May to join the competition!

Join the AEL Discord to get in touch with our team with any questions, for extra help and prior to play!

The tournament is played in two stages

Stage 1 – Groups:
Players are seeded into one of five groups based upon the region their university is in.
Each group completes a double elimination bracket with top players progressing to the finals.

Stage 2 – Finals:
The finalists group will compete in a Double Elimination bracket to determine the ultimate winner!

Sign-ups are open for all currently
enrolled University students in ANZ
until the 12th May.

North & East Conference – Saturday 15th May
South Conference – Saturday 22nd May
West & New Zealand Conference – Saturday 29th May

Grand Finals – Saturday 12th June

1st Prize: 2 x 60 card packs + 3 x 40 card packs
2nd Prize: 1 x 60 card pack + 2 x 40 card packs
3rd Prize: 1 x 60 card pack + 1 x 15 card pack
4th Prize: 1 x 40 card pack + 1 x 15 card pack
5th Prize: 1 x 40 card pack + 2 x 2 card packs
6th Prize: 1 x 40 card pack
7th Prize: 2 x 15 card packs
8th Prize: 1 x 15 card pack + 3 x 2 card packs

All Participants will receive a Dalaran Flame card back for participation (need to play at least one (1) full match).

Dalaran Flame Card Back

Adventurer! Explore the Barrens today. The land where blistered terrain and battering sun form the anvil and hammer that shape the unbreakable Horde. Where Kalimdor’s most promising denizens test magic and muscle against furious centaur, soaring harpies, and bristling Quilboar. The Barrens are the proving ground for warriors who would become legends!

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