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Themes Unveiled for Series 1 of the 2024 AEL Minecraft Schools Competition

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Get ready to build, collaborate, and explore fascinating concepts – the AEL Minecraft Schools Competition Series 1 themes are here! We’re thrilled to unveil the creative challenges that await students across Australia.

Years 4-6 Pool: Neighbourhood Heroes

Young builders, it’s time to celebrate the everyday heroes that make our communities thrive! Design a Minecraft neighbourhood showcasing the diverse jobs and roles that keep things running smoothly. Think firefighters, shopkeepers, teachers, and many more. Focus on teamwork and emphasize the vital contributions each person makes to the community.

Years 7-9 Pool: Mathematical Marvels

Prepare to journey back in time and bring mathematics to life! Imagine the world of a classical civilization – ancient Greece, Rome, or Egypt – then visualize mathematical concepts or geometric shapes within this setting. Build awe-inspiring structures or landscapes rooted in mathematical principles. Are you ready to blend history, design, and math in a truly unique way?

Years 10-12 Pool: Literary Landscapes

Calling all literary enthusiasts and creative architects! Delve into the world of an Australian novel or poem, transforming its essence into a Minecraft masterpiece. Construct environments, symbols, and even characters that embody the heart and soul of your chosen literary work.

Get Building & Show Off Your Skills!

Remember, registrations are still open for this epic competition! Secure your spot and unleash your students’ creativity.

  • Registration Closes: March 15th
  • Build Period: March 18th – May 24th
  • Website: for full details and registration

We can’t wait to see the incredible worlds your students will create!

2024 AEL High Schools Cup – Term 1 Division Announcement

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After an intense weekend of competitions in Rocket League and Overwatch 2, we now have our competition Divisions for both titles!

Students will compete against their division rivals throughout the next three weeks with the final week resulting in a playoff stage where the strongest will reign supreme!

Rocket League – Broadcast Schedule

Catch the action from our Rocket League competitors from 1PM AEDT every Saturday on

NOTE: All match times are approximate, and matches may change. Week 5 TBD.

Rocket League
 Time (all AEDT)DivisionRoundTeam 1Team 2
Week 2
Mar 2
1:00 PM21Grace Gamers GiantsKardina Rockets
1:45 PM32MacKillop Baller EsportsTrinity Titans
2:30 PM13Brisbane SDE Super SapphiresLakers Legends 1
 Time (all AEDT)DivisionRoundTeam 1Team 2
Week 3
Mar 9
1:00 PM33TrinityAC RTXBDC Barracudas
1:45 PM24Hills Grammar Team 1QASMT BCDF
2:30 PM35Grace Gamers GoldTrinity Titans
 Time (all AEDT)DivisionRoundTeam 1Team 2
Week 4
Mar 16
1:00 PM36Hills Grammar Team 2MacKillop Baller Esports
1:45 PM26Hills Grammar Team 1Grace Gamers Giants
2:30 PM27QASMT BCDFKardinia Rockets

Overwatch 2 – Broadcast Schedule

Catch the action from our Rocket League competitors from 1:30PM AEDT every Saturday on

NOTE: All match times are approximate, and matches may change. Week 5 TBD.

Overwatch 2
 Time (all AEDT)DivisionRoundTeam 1Team 2
Week 2
Mar 2
1:00 PM21Corowa High RedCLC Gold
1:45 PM22St Francis de Sales College GreenMacKillop Alpha
2:30 PM13BrisbaneSDE GriffinsSPLC
 Time (all AEDT)DivisionRoundTeam 1Team 2
Week 3
Mar 9
1:00 PM23Kardinia GuardiansHumanitas Hooligans
1:45 PM24Faith FalconsCorowa High Red
2:30 PM15Forest Lake LionsKGSCOW
 Time (all AEDT)DivisionRoundTeam 1Team 2
Week 4
Mar 16
1:00 PM25Faith FalconsKardinia Guardians
1:45 PM17Trinity RizzlersGrace Gamers
2:30 PM27Corowa High RedMacKillop Alpha

Welcome to Term 1 of the 2024 AEL High Schools Cup!

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The excitement is palpable as we kick off Term 1 of the 2024 AEL High Schools Cup, marking the beginning of another thrilling season of esports competition among high schools. This year, we’re delighted to welcome a diverse array of teams and students who are ready to showcase their skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship in a series of engaging and competitive events.

A Celebration of Talent and Teamwork

With 24 schools and 186 students participating, the stage is set for an extraordinary display of talent across multiple games. This term, the competition heats up with:

  • 22 teams battling it out in Rocket League (RL)
  • 14 teams taking on the challenges of Overwatch 2 (OW)
  • 8 teams racing to victory in Trackmania

Each game offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities for teamwork, strategy, and individual prowess, ensuring a dynamic and exciting competition for both participants and spectators.

Participant Schools

We are proud to have a fantastic lineup of schools participating in this term’s AEL High Schools Cup. Each school brings its own spirit, energy, and competitive edge to the tournament.

  • Bishop Druitt College
  • Brisbane School of Distance Education (BrisbaneSDE)
  • Concordia Lutheran College
  • Corowa High School
  • Craigslea State High School
  • Denison College of Secondary Education Bathurst High Campus
  • Faith Lutheran College Redlands
  • Forest Lake State High School
  • Grace Lutheran College
  • Hills Grammar School
  • Humanitas High School
  • Kardinia International College
  • Kelvin Grove State College
  • MacKillop College
  • Mentone Grammar
  • Parade College
  • Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology
  • St Francis de Sales College
  • St Peters Lutheran College
  • The Lakes College
  • Trinity Anglican College Albury
  • Trinity College Beenleigh

We’d also like to welcome our first student Home Education student from Queensland!

Showcasing School Spirit

An integral part of the AEL High Schools Cup is the incredible spirit and camaraderie displayed by the participating teams. We encourage all schools to support their teams by showcasing their school pride and spirit throughout the competition.

Looking Ahead

As we embark on this journey together, we look forward to witnessing the incredible matches, the display of exceptional skills, and the forging of lasting friendships and rivalries. The AEL High Schools Cup is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of the vibrant esports community within our high schools.

We wish all the competing teams the best of luck. May this term’s AEL High Schools Cup be a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Let the games begin!

Stay Connected

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, match schedules, and results by following our official channels. Engage with the community, share your moments, and cheer for your favorite teams as they vie for glory in the 2024 AEL High Schools Cup.

Let’s make Term 1 of the 2024 AEL High Schools Cup the best one yet. Here’s to an exciting term of esports action!

The AEL is proudly supported by AGON by AOC the Gaming Monitor partner and Indomie Australia the noodel partner!

Australian Esports League announces the 2024 Minecraft Schools program

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This years program features the return of the AEL Minecraft Build Challenge and the introduction of the AEL Minecraft Capture the Flag esports series enabling exciting opportunities for high school, primary school, and homeschool students to showcase their Minecraft skills.

The AEL is thrilled to announce its 2024 school programs, featuring two engaging Minecraft events designed to inspire creativity and strategic thinking among students across Australia. The programs include the Minecraft Build Challenge and the Minecraft Capture The Flag esports event, both set to unfold in two exciting series this year, catering to high school, primary school, and homeschool students.

The AEL is proud to continue its partnership with Microsoft and the Minecraft Education team to promote this series, building upon the success of last year’s event. This collaboration underscores our mutual commitment to delivering high-quality educational and competitive experiences for students nationwide.

Minecraft Build Challenge: Unleashing Creativity

The Minecraft Build Challenge invites students to leverage their creativity and teamwork to construct impressive structures within Minecraft. With two series planned for the year, the challenge will consist of three competition pools based on year groups: years 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12, each facing a unique theme to guide their builds. Home schoolers are also welcome, competing in a dedicated pool to ensure fair play and recognition.

First Series Dates:

  • Registrations Close: 15th March
  • Competition Starts: 18th March
  • Submissions Due: 24th May
  • Results Announced: 10th June

Second Series Dates:

  • Registrations Close: 16th August
  • Competition Starts: 19th August
  • Submissions Due: 18th October
  • Results Announced: 4th November

Themes for each competition pool will be disclosed post-registration, adding an element of surprise and excitement as teams gear up to showcase their architectural prowess.

Check out the submissions from last year’s challenge here: 2023 AEL Minecraft Build Challenge.

Minecraft Capture The Flag: Strategic Esports Action

Complementing the Build Challenge, the Minecraft Capture The Flag event will test students’ strategic and teamwork skills in a dynamic esports environment. This competition, too, will occur over two series, culminating in an in-person nationals event with details to be announced soon.

The Capture The Flag event promises to be a thrilling experience, encouraging students to engage in competitive play while fostering communication, strategy, and sportsmanship.

Empowering Students Through Esports

The AEL’s 2024 Minecraft programs aim to provide a platform for students to express their creativity, engage in healthy competition, and connect with peers sharing similar interests. Beyond the fun and excitement of gameplay, participants will have the opportunity to develop valuable life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and strategic planning.

Stay tuned for more details on the Minecraft Capture The Flag dates and the announcement of the national event. Schools, students, and homeschoolers interested in participating are encouraged to register promptly to secure their spot in these eagerly anticipated competitions.

For more information and to register for the events, please visit the AEL’s official website: AEL Minecraft Programs.

The AEL is proud to share it is sponsored by AGON by AOC the gaming monitor partner and Indomie Australia the noodle partner.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of Australia’s growing esports community through the engaging world of Minecraft. Join us in celebrating creativity, strategic gameplay, and the spirit of competition in 2024!

Australian Esports League Unveils Exciting 2024 School Esports Programs

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The Australian Esports League (AEL) is thrilled to announce its comprehensive School esports programs for 2024, designed for both High School and Primary School students across Australia. This year’s lineup promises to be more engaging than ever, with a variety of gaming events and the support of our esteemed partners.

Innovative Gaming Experiences for Students

Our 2024 programs include:

  • Minecraft Build Challenges: Set to inspire creativity and collaboration, the Minecraft Build Challenges will be held twice this year.

    These challenges, catering to Years 5-6, Years 7-9, and Years 10-12, will have their specific details announced in mid-February.

    The first series runs from 11th March to 3rd June, with the second series from 19th August to 4th November.

    Details for registration will be updated at with a general notice being shared once live.
  • High School Esports Program: A dynamic and inclusive initiative designed to bring competitive gaming to high school students across Australia. This program offers a diverse range of popular games each term, providing students with an opportunity to develop teamwork, strategic thinking, and digital skills in a fun and engaging environment

    Starting with Trackmania, Overwatch 2, and Rocket League for Term 1. The addition of Minecraft Capture the Flag and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will come into play from Term 2.

    Term 1 will run from 24th February – 23rd March
    Term 2 will run from 4th May – 8th June
    Term 3 will run from 10th August – 14th September
    Term 4 will run from 2nd November – 23rd November

    *note: these dates are subject to change
  • High School Nationals at PAX Australia: The pinnacle of the High School esports program, the nationals, will be held from 11th to 13th October 2024 at PAX Australia.

    Further details on qualification and attendance will be announced shortly. We are excited to share all the details with everyone soon!
  • Inclusivity for Home School Students: Home school students are invited to join in the excitement with Trackmania available from Term 1 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from Term 2. Home School students will also be included in the Minecraft build challenges, we’re excited to welcome everyone into the competition this year!

Why Esports Matters: Benefits for Students

Participating in esports offers numerous benefits for students. It fosters critical thinking, teamwork, strategic planning, and improves hand-eye coordination. Esports also offers a platform for students to explore STEAM fields and develop IT skills in a competitive yet supportive environment. Engaging in esports can enhance students’ school experience, build community, and nurture a sense of belonging.

Parents, Get Excited!

For parents, esports represents a unique opportunity for your children to engage in a safe, moderated, and educational platform that promotes healthy competition. It’s an avenue for students to develop social skills, build friendships, and gain valuable life experiences, all while having fun in the process.

Calling All Teachers: Get Your School Involved

We invite teachers to become part of this exciting journey. If you’re interested in introducing esports at your school, the AEL is here to assist. Our programs are designed to be easily integrated into school curriculums, offering a unique blend of education and entertainment.

Acknowledging Our Partners

We are grateful for the support of our partners, which is vital in bringing these programs to life. Special thanks to AGON by AOC, our gaming monitor partner, and Indomie Australia, our noodle partner. Their continued support enhances the esports experience for all participants.

We also extend our gratitude to Microsoft Australia and the Microsoft Education team for their backing of the Minecraft Education program. Their involvement underscores the educational value of esports in learning environments.

Stay Tuned for Primary School Program Details

Details on the Primary School games and dates will be announced shortly. We are committed to providing younger students with exciting and educational esports experiences. Keep an eye out for when it goes live later this month!

About Australian Esports League

The Australian Esports League is dedicated to developing esports in Australia. We are focused on community and player. By providing platforms for gamers to compete, we aim to foster talent and create pathways for students to excel in the fast-growing world of esports.


Email our friendly team at [email protected] with any queries and we’ll be happy to help!

The Australian Esports League and Invictus Australia are proud to announce an exciting partnership

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The Australian Esports League (AEL) and Invictus Australia (IA) are proud to announce an exciting partnership. This collaboration marks a significant step towards fostering inclusivity, competition and community engagement within the Australian esports landscape for current and former serving military veterans and their families.

The Australian Esports League has long been dedicated to promoting and advancing esports across the nation, creating opportunities for gamers of all skill levels to participate and compete. In alignment with their commitment to diversity and inclusion, AEL are proud to join forces with Invictus Australia to extend these opportunities to an even broader community.

Invictus Australia are known for their work in supporting the wellbeing of current and former servicemen and women through the power of connection that sport and activity provides. IA recognises the potential of esports to unite veterans and families of all abilities located around the country, to provide a platform for personal growth and camaraderie.

Through this partnership, the Australian Esports League and Invictus Australia aim to organise and host esports tournaments providing spaces for veterans, their families, and the wider community to come together in the spirit of competition and mutual respect.

According to Director Community Engagement and Impact at Invictus Australia, Toni Cumpston, “This partnership is a wonderful addition to the range of activities Invictus Australia provides the Australian Defence Community.  Re-establishing our partnership with the Australia Esports League provides the opportunity to re-ignite an E-sports league for veterans and their families within Australia.

Interest in E-sports continues to grow both in Australia and around the world, and we are delighted to work with the AEL to provide opportunities for our defence community to join us, as we create veteran and family friendly opportunities to participate, compete and get connected through Esports.

We are excited to be able to announce our first event will be held at our Defence Community Sports Day being held in the ACT on 23rd of March 2024.  We will have both free play and a competition for attendees to participate in, and look forward to kicking off the partnership.”

Key Objectives of our collaboration include:

Inclusive Tournaments: Organising esports tournaments that cater to a diverse range of players, including veterans, their families and the broader community.

Community Outreach: Engaging with local communities to raise awareness about the positive impact of esports and creating events that encourage participation from individuals of all backgrounds. The first esports activation will be held on the 23rd of March in Canberra as part of the Invictus Australia Community Day.

By working together, AEL and IA aim to create an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals can thrive both competitively and personally. We look forward to a successful collaboration that not only strengthens the esports community but also contributes to the broader goals of empowerment, resilience and unity of the Australian Defence community.

For media inquiries or additional information, please contact:

Australian Esports League

Sarah Jae, Director

[email protected]

Invictus Australia

Nina Willoughby, GoodPR

[email protected]

+61 427 400 961

Celebrating Creativity and Innovation: The 2023 AEL Minecraft Competition Winners

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We’re thrilled to announce the winners of the 2023 AEL Minecraft Competition! This year’s competition saw an incredible display of talent, ingenuity, and a deep understanding of the themes across all age groups. Students across Australia from Year 5-12 showcased their skills in Minecraft, creating masterpieces in three distinct categories: medieval architecture, eco-friendly living, and sustainable cities.

Winning schools received a trophy for their students accomplishments with students receiving medallions and merit certificates for placing in the top 3. The student team with the overall best submission received a gamer pack comprising of RIG 500 Pro gaming headsets went to Alfred Deakin High School’s Year 9 Team 2.

A Showcase of Medieval Marvels: Year 5-6 Category

The medieval architecture category challenged Year 5-6 students to travel back in time and recreate historical wonders. The creativity and attention to detail in these builds were nothing short of astounding.


  • 1st Place: GG’s
    • School: The Knox School
    • The team showcased a medieval Japan shiro with a detailed castle at the centre with fortifications including moat and outer walls. The design shows a smart aesthetic approach to showing medieval life in Japan. The students went so far as to depict an invading force highlighting the tumultuous times.
  • 2nd Place: Guacamole
    • School: Eltham College,
    • The submission shows a medieval town with castle, towers and town built into a mountainous setting. The students utilised different materials available in Minecraft to highlight different sections of the medieval life with a colourful market and chapel.
  • 3rd Place: The Falcon Kingdom
    • School: The Knox School
    • The students showcased a popular castle design featuring a stone keep ringed with Balista, bailey, outer wall and draw bridge over a moat. The submission shows creative use of Minecraft to demonstrate different aspects of medieval life within a castle setting.

Innovations for a Greener Tomorrow: Year 7-9 Category

In the eco-friendly living category, students in Years 7-9 were tasked with designing living spaces that harmonize with nature. The entries displayed a profound understanding of sustainability and environmental stewardship.


  • 1st Place: Year 9 Team 2
    • School: Alfred Deakin High School
    • The winning submission showcased a detailed community with multiple houses and buildings demonstrating different applications of eco-friendly living. From regenerative building materials to renewable sources of energy and water the students showed a complex use of Minecraft to demonstrate eco-friendly living.
  • 2nd Place: The Asian Investors
    • School: The Knox School
    • The students showcased a modern home that utilised natural light, multiple green energy sources, greenhouse garden and a creative use of Minecraft materials to provide a colourful demonstration of eco-friendly living.
  • Equal 3rd Place: Team 4
    • School: Cavendish Road State High School
    • The team presented a strong concept for eco-friendly living in a modern setting which is highlighted by a solar power system that track sunlight, vertical greenhouse garden, natural light and regenerative building materials.
  • Equal 3rd Place: 3d Terraria
    • School: The Knox School
    • The team built a town to demonstrate eco-friendly living applications across a variety of property settings. This incorporated green energy sources, harmony with nature, regenerative building materials and transport.

Envisioning Sustainable Cities: Year 10-12 Category

Our oldest participants, from Years 10-12, were challenged to conceptualize sustainable cities. The results were futuristic, practical, and showcased a visionary approach to urban development.


  • 1st Place: Emmanuel Gold
    • School: Emmanuel Catholic College
    • The submission shows a modern inspired city featuring a series of skyscrapers and multiple sustainable city initiatives on display. These include green energy initiatives, urban revitalization projects, vertical gardens, transportation, harmony with nature, waste management and community spaces.
  • 2nd Place: Team 1
    • School: QLD Academy for Science, Mathematics & Technology
    • The students showcased a city built into the natural environment with greenery throughout and some creative applications of Minecraft materials to showcase concepts including an alternative green powered lift system. The submission is colourful and lively example of an imagined sustainable city that features regenerative building materials, a community in harmony with the environment, green power initiatives and more.
  • 3rd Place: Team 2
    • School: Cavendish Road State High School
    • The students showcased a modern sustainable city with medium rise construction that depicts green energy, regenerative building materials, communal spaces, transport, food and waste management concepts. The submission features integration with the surrounding environment using different Minecraft materials to showcase a variety of biomes.

A Heartfelt Thanks to All Participants

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to every student who participated in the 2023 AEL Minecraft Competition. Your creativity and passion for building a better world have truly inspired us all.

To see all submissions please visit

As we close the chapter on this year’s AEL Minecraft Competition, we look forward with anticipation to what the next edition will bring in 2024. This competition is more than just a showcase of Minecraft skills; it’s a celebration of the boundless creativity and potential of our young minds. It’s a testament to how technology, when combined with education and creativity, can foster a deeper understanding of important concepts like sustainability, history, and community living.

To schools and stakeholders who have been part of this journey, your support and engagement have been instrumental in making this event a resounding success. We encourage you to continue being a part of this innovative educational experience. To those who are yet to join us, we extend an invitation to be part of a movement that is shaping the way our students engage with technology and learning.

We extend a special thank you to the Mojang Studios, the Microsoft Education team and to our sponsors AGON by AOC and Indomie Australia for supporting the AEL’s programs this year.

The AEL Minecraft Competition is more than just a competition; it’s a platform for students to express their ideas, challenge their creativity, and contribute to a dialogue about our world’s future. As we prepare for the 2024 edition, we look forward to seeing new schools, new students, and new ideas. Together, let’s build a community that champions creativity, innovation, and learning.

Join us in making the 2024 AEL Minecraft Competition an even bigger success. Let’s inspire, let’s innovate, and let’s create a brighter future, one block at a time.

The AEL are looking for educators and community members alike who are keen to participate in this growing initiative – please reach out to our friendly team at [email protected] to see how you can get involved.

AEL University Elite Series Season 2 Kicks Off with Top Universities in Esports Showdown

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In an exhilarating development for university sports enthusiasts, the second season of the AEL University Elite Series is gearing up to roll out soon. As esports continues to rise in popularity, eight top-tier universities are all set to showcase their prowess, battling it out in the adrenaline-pumping realm of electronic sports.

This much-anticipated series will see club representatives from each university go head-to-head in a multi-week tournament, culminating in a grand finale where the title of “Esports University Champion” awaits the victor.

The game taking center stage this season? None other than the wildly popular rocket-powered car football sensation: Rocket League. A game that fuses the thrill of soccer with aerobatic vehicular maneuvers, ensuring fans and participants are in for an electrifying treat.

Let’s take a moment to introduce the universities competing for the crown:

  1. The Australian National University (ANU Esports): Known for their strategic prowess, ANU Esports is definitely a force to be reckoned with.
  2. University of Sydney (SUCOGS): With a legacy of competitive spirit, SUCOGS is anticipated to bring their A-game to the series.
  3. University of Newcastle (UON Esports): With a strong lineup, UON Esports promises fierce competition and unforgettable matches.
  4. The University of Western Australia (UWA Esports): A name synonymous with excellence, UWA Esports is prepped and primed for action.
  5. Griffith University (Griffith Esports): Never to be underestimated, Griffith Esports is all set to carve a niche this season.
  6. RMIT University (RMIT Esports): A long standing powerhouse in the AEL University ecosystem, ready to show they can take the season out.
  7. UNSW (UNSW Esports Club): A club that boasts a blend of new talent and seasoned pros, they’re determined to leave an indelible mark.
  8. Macquarie University (MQU Gaming): Ready to challenge the norms, MQU Gaming is the dark horse everyone’s watching out for.

Fans from across the nation and beyond are eagerly waiting to rally behind their preferred teams, as they embark on this digital combat of skills, tactics, and reflexes.

While the roars of the crowd might be virtual, the passion, spirit, and intensity are as real as it gets. Here’s to electrifying matches, unforeseen twists, and the ultimate crowning of a university that’ll reign supreme in the world of esports.

The countdown to the AEL University Elite Series Season 2 has begun. Get ready for a sporting spectacle like no other as matches start THIS WEEK!

The AEL is proudly sponsored by:
AGON by AOC the gaming monitor partner
Indomie Australia the noodle partner

AEL High School Esports Cup: Announcing Our Division Champions!

By High School Cup, News

The AEL High School Esports Cup has been a spectacle of talent, skill, and dedication! With 256 students from schools all over the country participating, it’s been a truly thrilling journey, and today we’re excited to announce the champions of our divisions!

Rocket League

Division 1:

  1. 🥇Lynwood SHS from Lynwood Senior High School
  2. 🥈Kedron SHS from Kedron State High School

Division 2:

  1. 🥇YVG Watermelon from Yarra Valley Grammar
  2. 🥈PCS from Penrith Christian School

Division 3:

  1. 🥇Trinity Esports from Trinity College Beenleigh
  2. 🥈Whitebridge #2 from Whitebridge High School

Overwatch 2

Division 1:

  1. 🥇KGSCOW1 from Kelvin Grove State College
  2. 🥈SLC Thirst Crushers from St Laurence’s College – official
  3. 🥉SPLC A from St Peters Lutheran College

Division 2:

  1. 🥇ACeS OW_Three from Albany Creek State High School
  2. 🥈SLC Gneurshk Gamers from St Laurence’s College – official
  3. 🥉SCA OverScotch from Scotch College Adelaide


For Smash, the competition was fierce and played out in a single division:

Top-16 Bracket:

  1. 🥇BowlOfRamen from St Luke’s Catholic College
  2. 🥈Flame from CathWest Innovation College
  3. 🥉Xenophane from St Edmunds College

Consolation Bracket:

  1. 🥇Glue Eater from St Luke’s Catholic College
  2. 🥈Zamazanta101 from Albany Creek State High School
  3. 🥉Aarizy from The Hills Grammar School

To every team, every player, every teacher, every coach, and everyone else involved, we’d like to extend our deepest thanks. Your dedication, skill, and spirit brought the AEL High School Esports Cup to life, making it an unforgettable experience.

Hold onto your controllers, keyboards, and excitement, as we are just warming up! 🚀

Mark your calendars for the State Championships on August 26th (Rocket League only) to September 2nd and gear up for the Nationals on September 9th. We promise, the best is yet to come!

Stay tuned, stay competitive, and once again, thank you!

The AEL are proudly sponsored by:
AGON by AOC the gaming monitor partner
Indomie Australia the noodle partner

First-Ever AEL Minecraft Challenge Successfully Launched with Over 130 Teams Participating

By High School Cup, Minecraft

Sydney, Australia – The Australian Esports League (AEL) proudly announces the successful launch of its inaugural Minecraft Challenge, witnessing an overwhelming participation of students across the country.

With 63 teams from Year 5-6 exploring Medieval Architecture, 71 teams from Year 7-9 innovating around Eco-friendly Living, and 15 teams from Year 10-12 delving into the intricacies of Sustainable Cities, the stage is set for an unprecedented educational journey.

Microsoft and its Minecraft: Education team have thrown their weight behind the initiative, further solidifying the challenge’s standing in the industry. “It’s amazing to see this participation in the Minecraft: Education challenges with AEL. From projects covering Eco-living and sustainability to exploring Medieval Architecture, this all has a great impact within and beyond the classroom. We can’t wait to see the results,” says Dan Bowen, Tech Strategist, Microsoft Australia.

The AEL welcomes a total of 29 schools to the first edition:

Alfred Deakin High SchoolBrisbane Grammar SchoolCavendish Road State High School
Eltham CollegeEmmanuel Catholic CollegeHunter River Community School
John Paul CollegeKelvin Grove State CollegeKincoppal-Rose bay Junior School
Mater Christi CollegeMentone Grammar SchoolMonivae College Hamilton
Penrith Christian SchoolPunchbowl Boys’ High SchoolQueensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology
Rolling Hills Primary SchoolSt Francis Catholic CollegeSt Joseph’s College, Lochinvar
 The Knox SchoolViewbank College
Edmund Rice CollegeEltham CollegeEmmanuel Catholic College
Hunter River Community SchoolJames Fallon High SchoolJohn Paul College
Kelvin Grove State CollegeKincoppal-Rose bay Junior SchoolMarist Regional College
Mater Christi CollegeMentone Grammar SchoolMonivae College Hamilton
Morisset High SchoolPenrith Christian SchoolPunchbowl Boys’ High School
Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and TechnologyRedeemer Lutheran CollegeRolling Hills Primary School
St Francis Catholic CollegeSt Joseph’s College, LochinvarSt Lukes Catholic College
Sunnybank Hills State SchoolThe Knox SchoolViewbank College
Villanova CollegeWantirna College 

The AEL, additionally sponsored by AGON by AOC, a leading gaming monitor brand, and Indomie Australia, a renowned noodle brand, has positioned the challenge as a nexus of entertainment, education, and innovation.

Sarah Jae, Director of the Australian Esports League, shared his excitement, “The AEL Minecraft Challenge is not just a game; it’s an intersection of imagination, learning, and technology. The robust support from industry stalwarts like Microsoft, AGON by AOC, and Indomie Australia underlines our shared vision of fostering creativity and strategic thinking in our young minds. This initiative has started a movement, and I am incredibly proud of its promising start.”

Teams for each division are:

Year 5-6 exploring Medieval Architecture

Schools, industry stakeholders, and fans are encouraged to follow the teams’ progress and engage in the fascinating journey of digital creativity and learning that the AEL Schools Minecraft challenge brings.

For more information visit

About Australian Esports League (AEL)

The Australian Esports League is a national esports ecosystem enabling participation for players of all skill levels across Australia in well-structured video game tournaments. Our focus is on building community and showcasing the talent of players across the country. Established in 2016 the AEL has developed a national Schools and University ecosystem along side a series of live events and tournaments for all skill levels.