The Australian Esports League (AEL) is a provider of premier esports competitions in Australia, attracting competitors from across the nation. Established in 2013 the vision is to provide the most entertaining, most engaging and most respected esports experience.

Esports is the activity involving competitive video game tournaments.

Previously the AEL has been responsible for a number of esports competitions across a broad range of titles such as Dota 2, CS:GO, Rocket League, StarCraft 2, League of Legends and Overwatch. These competitions have featured both online and at live events attracting hundreds of competitors.

Our milestones

  • First Australian esports free-to-air broadcast, featuring on SBS Viceland in 2016
  • Delivered Fox Sports Australia’s first online esports stream with the 2017 IeSF Nationals
  • Delivered Nintendo’s first AUNZ Regional Championship in 2017

Our core values

  • Dedication to excellence and providing a highly positive experience;
  • Inclusiveness for all peoples of gender, race, culture or religion;
  • Integrity and honesty in dealings with all stakeholders;
  • Social responsibility to act with the best interests of competitors and all those reached by the AEL.


The AEL University Cup is officially sanctioned by the AESA and will operate in accordance to the values, policies and beliefs of the AESA. To ensure the integrity of the competition and promote a safe, fair and inclusive esports environment for all.

Established in 2013 the AESA is the official member representing Australia at the International Esports Federation (IESF). The AESA is working with federal government agencies to formally recognise esports, with a focus on developing good governance, athlete welfare and industry standards.

The IESF is currently comprised of 46-member nations, 25 of which fully recognise esports at their respective National Olympic Committee (NOC) and sports authority, with the core goal of developing policy and regulation for esports across the globe. With the added goal of promoting and elevating esports into traditional sports societies such as the Olympics.

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The AEL is a proud member of the Australian esports community. We strive to create positive experiences for players and build long-term sustainable events that make a difference for players and the community.

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