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2020 Clubs League Season 2

By Events
Unique Smash Bros. Players
Unique Tekken Players

Club Champions

City Diggers Wollongong

  • Smash Bros. Champ: Thrillhouse
  • Tekken Champ: Qazsdfgvhn


  • Smash Bros. Champ: Potato
  • Tekken Champ: Shivstar
  • FIFA Champ: Runaway

Brothers Leagues Townsville

  • Smash Bros. Champ: KB
  • Tekken Champ: DShrike
  • FIFA Champ: TheSK

2020 Riverina Esports Cup

By Events

Wagga Wagga City Council and the AEL hosted the ‘AEL Riverina Esports Cup’, an online video game competition dedicated to gamers who live in the Riverina area, featuring Rocket League and CSGO!

Rocket League Prize Winners!

1st Place | $300
Don’t you fix potholes?

  • Lishy
  • Thomas!
  • Blip
  • donebus the GOAT

2nd Place | $150
Crack Powered

  • Mr Baggins
  • ras
  • Robert
  • CecLad

3rd Place | $75
Don’t Dog the Boys!

  • BeastyBrent
  • Don
  • Penguu

CS:GO Prize Winners!

1st Place | $500

  • Tesh
  • Dexta
  • nixon
  • Kcrevo
  • Yuko

2nd Place | $250
Killer Disposition

  • John
  • RoboP4nd4
  • Karl
  • That_Spud
  • undead
  • Tortilla Man

3rd Place| $125

  • Harvs
  • ClassicalDig
  • lipriee
  • Simonster
  • Sloppy

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Scholomance Academy Uni Cup

By Events


  • 1st place: AOC Monitor & the Scholomance Academy University Cup Trophy
  • 2nd place: JBL Headset
  • All players placed 4th and higher received a Mega Bundle
  • 5-8th place: Regular Bundle
  • All players placed 16th and higher received the ‘Power Core’ card back

All participants received the ‘Dalaran Flame’ card back


1st: Ulquiorra (UNSW)
2nd: GiantHammer (Monash)
3rd: Toxicantship (UniSA)
4th: Tempest2000 (UQ)
5th: Pend (USC)
5th: Yazboole (UoN)
7th: NDPisPNash (Curtin)
7th: pLaTiNuM (UTS)
9th: Jhealzz (SUT)
9th: sammybelly (QUT)
9th: Blackthorn (SCU)
9th: ItsMifsud (MQ)
13th: kangamoony (UWA)
13th: BLANCK (UC)
13th: TheKiing (UOM)
13th: Skalerz (Waikato)

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