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The Acer High School Cup powered by Predator has taken the nation by storm since its inception in 2019, featuring over 50 high schools, 1500 student players and an average of 200 players per season. With popular games such as SSBU, Overwatch, Rocket League, and Minecraft featuring over the years, students can indulge in their love for video games and esports while honing their cognitive skills, team building, communication, and sportsmanship.

With tournaments conducted during each term of the school year on Saturdays and selected matches broadcast online, The Acer High School Cup offers students the perfect platform to pursue their passion and familiarize themselves with the latest technology and software.

This national program is designed to provide high schools across Australia with a well-structured and competitive environment for students to showcase their gaming skills and passion. The program promotes participation and student development with trophies, medals, and merit certificates up for grabs.

2023 kicks off with the Summer Series with registrations due 27th February! Taking place over 4 weeks, students can expect an exciting competition, showcase their talent and play with like minded peers.

Esports promotes number of benefits for students including cognitive development, participation, team building and more! We are thrilled and excited to welcome a new cohort of students to the 2023 High School esports program, we can’t wait to see everyone in competition showing off their skills and joining our community of like-minded gamers.

Darren Kwan, Director Australian Esports League

The Summer Series will feature competitions for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (1 v 1), Rocket League (3 v 3) and Overwatch 2 (5 v 5) available to students of all skill levels and ages.

Schools compete nationally online each Saturday with select matches streamed by the AEL commentary team to showcase student talent in the competition.

Key things to know:

  • Registrations are due 27th February;
  • Competition is open to all with the AEL promoting inclusivity;
  • Takes place online over 4 weeks with matches each Saturday;
  • AEL are partnered with the eSafety Commissioner promoting a safe environment for all;
  • There are more games coming for next series!

And the best part? There’s no limit to how many teams and students can participate from each school! So, gather your classmates and register your high school today! Let’s get ready to compete and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Teachers and parents are welcome to reach out to the AEL team with any questions. We look forward to welcoming all schools to the program.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of The Acer High School Cup. Sign up now and be a part of the ultimate high school esports experience!

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