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The push to include Esports in the Olympics and the Victorian government’s promotion of Melbourne as the home of Australian Esports highlight just how popular and recognized the industry is becoming. With this growing recognition, schools and colleges are now exploring the potential of Esports for education and starting to include Esports teams in their sports offerings.

One of the biggest benefits of Esports compared to physical sports is its inclusiveness and accessibility, allowing a wider demographic of students to participate in school sports. This opens up opportunities for students who may not have been able to participate in traditional sports and helps to create a more diverse and inclusive school community.

Not only is Esports inclusive, but it is also viewed as having the potential to develop important 21st century skills such as strategic thinking, collaboration, communication, and peer mentorship. This can help students to develop important life skills that will benefit them well beyond their school years.

The integration of Esports into education may also increase participation in STEM subjects and help to integrate STEM education with workforce sectors. This can help to create a more well-rounded education for students and give them a head start in the workforce.

The growing popularity and recognition of Esports as an industry is exciting for the future of education. Schools and colleges have an opportunity to explore the potential of Esports and start to include it as a sports offering. The inclusiveness and accessibility compared to traditional physical sports is a positive, allowing a wider demographic to participate in school sports. Not only that, but it’s seen as a tool to develop important 21st-century skills such as strategic thinking, collaboration, communication, and peer mentorship.

The following schools in Melbourne are already competing in the AEL High School Cup since 2022 and we welcome more to join in 2023!

  • St Brigid’s College
  • St. Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre
  • Indie School Mildura
  • Preshil The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School
  • Gleneagles Secondary College
  • De La Salle College
  • John Paul College
  • Geelong Lutheran College
  • Padua College
  • St Josephs College Geelong
  • St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School
  • Marist-Sion College
  • Parkdale Secondary College
  • Portland Secondary College
  • Gladstone Park Secondary College
  • Lalor North Secondary College
  • Ouyen P-12 College
  • Melbourne High School

While there are challenges to be aware of, such as the potential impact of digital divides on students’ ability to participate and the inclusive culture of online gaming, the potential benefits cannot be ignored. It’s important to consider equity and well-being issues, but with the right approach, the integration of Esports into education can be done in a way that leverages its full potential for students. The role of academic researchers in developing a balanced perspective on the use of Esports in education is crucial to ensure its success. Let’s embrace this exciting new world of Esports in education and watch as our students develop their skills and thrive in this dynamic and rapidly evolving industry!

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