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  • Acer High Schools Cup, Term 1 2022, kicks off this weekend
  • High School participation in the Acer High Schools Cup doubles in 2022
  • Registrations still open for Term 1, closing 4th March

SYDNEY, Australia, 2 March 2022 – Australian Esports League (AEL) is pleased to announce a new partnership between the Acer High Schools Cup and, a new online resource that helps young people build their financial capability, launched this week by the Australian Government.

The Acer High Schools Cup is a national program that provides students across Australia a robust and well structured competitive environment for High Schools to compete in Video Games.  As a constructive pursuit that hones cognitive skills, team building, communication and sportspersonship, esports has been recognised as an area of growing interest for the Australian Government.  As such, AEL and the Acer High Schools Cup, which is seeing double year-on-year participation growth, has been identified as an opportune avenue to raise awareness amongst young Australians with the aim of helping them to become more aware and confident with managing their money. 

On adding the Australian Government to the suite of partners in support of the Australian Esports League, Darren Kwan, AEL, said: “By formally welcoming the Australian Government as a partner of the Acer High Schools Cup brings an unmatched level of trust to this esports competition”.

“We look forward to collaboratively activating this partnership in a meaningful way for our High School communities, the teachers and, most importantly, the parents”.

Offering a platform where High School students can pursue their passion for video games and explore the world of Esports, the Acer High Schools Cup provides students a way to pursue their passion for video games and esports. 

“Money Managed is a terrific tool for young Australians to gain confidence in their financial capability. We’re partnering with the Australian Esports League to send a message to young Australians: you should be just as confident picking a bank account as you are picking a main in Overwatch,” said Senator the Hon Jane Hume, Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and the Digital Economy.

“If you’re just starting out and wondering how to manage a budget, open a super fund, avoid or manage debt, crypto or anything else to do with your finances, is the perfect place to go.”

The Acer High Schools Cup is a national program that provides students across Australia with a robust and well-structured competitive programme. It also provides a framework for High Schools to safely participate in the competitive sphere of Esports while sitting comfortably alongside the more traditional sport programmes offered by Australian High Schools.

Rod Bassi, Acer Oceanic Sales Director says Acer is committed to building and supporting a young community of players in Australia.  

“Esports is a really positive learning tool for students to understand the value of teamwork and develop their communication and problem-solving skills. Our partnership with AEL supports our vision of providing the latest technology to the education sector and setting up students for success – whether that’s learning from the classroom or at home or taking their competitive gaming to the next level. 

“It’s been tremendous to see the engagement from the students and schools thus far in the Acer High Schools Cup and we look forward to continuing to empower the next generation of young Esports players through technology during 2022 and beyond.”

AEL established the High Schools League in 2019 and has seen the programme go from strength to strength. In 2021 over 30 Australian High Schools participated in the league, and anticipate over  60 High Schools taking part in 2022.

Tournaments will be conducted during each term of the school year. High Schools may register their students at the start of each term, or in advance. The competition takes place over the internet familiarising students with the benefits of the latest technology and software.