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Join the national build challenge

Represent your School and be crowned National Champions in the 2024 AEL Schools Minecraft competition in partnership with Microsoft. Let your creativity, problem solving, collaboration and teamwork shine through!


The Australian Esports League have partnered with Microsoft Australia to foster creativity and learning through national Minecraft Education Competitions for all School students across Australia.


2024 Champions & Results

The AEL hosts two online series each year and a number of in-person events for students to participate in Minecraft challenges.

Participants will be encouraged to collaborate, experiment, and think critically as they navigate the challenges presented to them within the game.

The online competition features three pools for years 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12.

We also invite any High Schools in Adelaide to come along to the Stem Day Out at Science Alive and also to the Latrobe area in Victoria to the Latrobe Esports Cup where we will be hosting an in person Minecraft build competition.

The partnership aims to empower students  to showcase their creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork abilities in this exciting Minecraft Education competition series promoting:

• Student Engagement
• Enhanced Learning Outcomes
• Talent Showcase
• Participation and Inclusivity
• Collaboration and Teamwork

Key Information

Important Dates:
Series 1 Series 2
Regos close 15th Mar 16th Aug
Build period 18th Mar – 24th May 19th Aug – 18th Oct
Results 10th Jun 4th Nov

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Open to students in teams of 2-4

The competition is spread over four stages:

  1. Designing & planning
  2. Building
  3. Presentations
  4. External judging
Game Info:
Where to get game: Minecraft Education Edition

Platform: PC, PS, XBOX, IOS, Android & Nintendo Switch

Publisher: Mojang

For more details please read the AEL High School Minecraft Competition Handbook.
Competition Handbook
Competition Themes:

Years 4-6 Pool:

  • Series 1 Neighbourhood Heroes: Design a neighbourhood that showcases the various roles and jobs that keep a community running (e.g., firefighters, shopkeepers, teachers). Emphasize collaboration and the importance of community (Civics and Citizenship, Health).
  • Series 2 Mythic Australia: Draw inspiration from Australian Indigenous Dreamtime stories to build a world reflecting a chosen myth or legend (Australian History, Humanities & Social Sciences, English).

Years 7-9 Pool:

  • Series 1 Mathematical Marvels: Visualize mathematical concepts or geometric shapes in an engaging way using classical civilization as the setting for a creative setting. Build structures or landscapes with mathematical underpinnings (Mathematics, History, Design & Technologies).
  • Series 2 Designing for Accessibility: Build a public space (e.g., park, school, building) that demonstrates inclusive design principles for people with different abilities (Design & Technologies, Health & Physical Education, Civics and Citizenship).

Years 10-12 Pool:

  • Series 1 Literary Landscapes: A visual interpretation of an Australian novel or poem. Build environments, symbols, and characters that capture the essence of the literary work (English).
  • Series 2 The Global Challenge: Teams tackle a global issue (e.g., climate change, poverty, inequality) and create a Minecraft world with solutions and awareness-raising components (Geography, Global Politics, Economics & Business).


Competing students will be vying for a national trophy recognising their achievements for winning the season!

Students will also receive merit awards, medallions for placing in the top three and feature on a national leaderboard published by the AEL.


There is a Participation Fee of $25 +GST per student to complete registration with the recommended team size being between 2- 4 students.

There is no limit to the number of teams in competition, schools are encouraged to register multiple teams to foster strong internal competition.

Each team must make one submission with the AEL for the External Judging process.

Click the below to Register Your Team:


Can home-schooled students compete?

To compete, Home Education students will be required to provide additional information to confirm their current education arrangements, such as providing documentation that shows that the parent/guardian is registered with their state government home education program, as well as age identifying documents for the student.

Home Education students will be marked separately to their in-school counterparts.

Home Education students may compete as a team of one or should you have multiple children at home wishing to form a team they must compete at the level of the oldest student. (ex. if you have a child in year 8 and a child in year 6 wishing to form a team they will need to adhere to the “years 7-9 theme”)

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information!

If students were judged to go to the next stage is there any location they may need to attend?

The competition is fully online at this point so no need to organize any school excursions.

Can my school run this as a lunchtime Minecraft club event?

It is up to the discretion of each teacher when they allow their students to work on their builds.

Extra Resources

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