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It has been a fortnight since the previous update, with teams currently still engaged in intense competition within the DIVISIONAL League Play. Each Saturday, week after week, these teams fiercely clash in pursuit of their ultimate objective: claiming one of the coveted top four positions in their respective divisions. Every victory holds the power to deliver astonishing upheavals in the rankings, leaving spectators in awe.

The battles continue until June 17th, as anticipation builds for the thrilling outcomes that lie ahead! The top four teams in each division will then advance to the DIVISIONAL Finals. Moving forward the top four teams from each state will compete in the STATE Finals with the best from each state earning the ultimate bragging rights of competing in the NATIONAL Finals.

Congratulations to teams currently in the top four positions!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Saint Luke’s Catholic College – BowlOfRamen
  • St Edmond’s College – Xenophane
  • Hunter School of the Performing Arts – maiothegreat
  • John Paul College – Anson JPCEsports

Overwatch 2:


  • SPLC A
  • SLC Thirst Crushers
  • SEC Wolfpack 1


  • ACES ow_three
  • SLC Gneurshk Gamers
  • SMGS Bottom 500
  • Hills Grammar Excelsior

Rocket League:


  • TonersRL
  • Kedron SHS
  • Lynwood SHS
  • Ripley Raptors Blue


  • PCS
  • YVG Watermelon
  • ACES RL_Three
  • JPC RL1


  • Trinity Esports
  • SCCC White
  • JPC RL2
  • WhiteBridge #2

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