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Scholomance Academy Uni Cup

By September 13, 2020March 2nd, 2021No Comments


  • 1st place: AOC Monitor & the Scholomance Academy University Cup Trophy
  • 2nd place: JBL Headset
  • All players placed 4th and higher received a Mega Bundle
  • 5-8th place: Regular Bundle
  • All players placed 16th and higher received the ‘Power Core’ card back

All participants received the ‘Dalaran Flame’ card back


1st: Ulquiorra (UNSW)
2nd: GiantHammer (Monash)
3rd: Toxicantship (UniSA)
4th: Tempest2000 (UQ)
5th: Pend (USC)
5th: Yazboole (UoN)
7th: NDPisPNash (Curtin)
7th: pLaTiNuM (UTS)
9th: Jhealzz (SUT)
9th: sammybelly (QUT)
9th: Blackthorn (SCU)
9th: ItsMifsud (MQ)
13th: kangamoony (UWA)
13th: BLANCK (UC)
13th: TheKiing (UOM)
13th: Skalerz (Waikato)

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