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The AEL and RLO are teaming up to bring you an all new and improved 2023 AEL High School Cup!

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Thanks to the help of the RLO, we are excited to announce the new updates for the 2023 Acer High Schools Cup! At the AEL, our aim is to support the next generation of young esports athletes and provide them with a competitive environment in which they can grow and increase their skill. The updates to the Cup will give our players and their schools more to play for, not just more to play in.

The games schools will be competing in will be:

  • Rocket League
  • Overwatch 2
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The Acer High School Cup will now feature various stages of competition, giving players multiple titles to strive for:

  • The May-hem Tournament Champions
  • Divisional Champions
  • State Champions
  • National Champions

As mentioned in the video above, the Cup will be split into the following stages:

May-hem Tournament

Sign ups close May 1st, so get in quickly as we kick off season on the 13th of May with the May-Hem Tournament. The May-Hem Tournament will see every high school team compete in an all-inclusive Swiss format.

Whilst this tournament will provide the first opportunity for teams to take a high school title as the Mah-hem Champions, the Swiss bracket will also provide a primary gauge on how all our teams stack up in skill, leading into the next stage.

*Note, the results of the May-Hem Tournament will be a primary gauge of skill level, it is not the sole determiner of how we split teams into divisions.

**Note, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will have a different format for phase 1.

High School Divisional League Play

Following the May-hem Tournament, teams will be split into multiple skill divisions as part of the High School Divisional League Play.

The split divisions are aimed at maintaining a strong level of competition for every team, reducing the number of one-sided matches and creating a more engaging experience for everyone involved. Furthermore, just because a team has placed in a low division, doesn’t mean there’s only the Division title to play for. More on that later.

Within their respective division, teams will compete in a round-robin where they will face every team in their respective division once. The league play stage’ will take place between May 20th and June 17th. The last week of League Play will mark the end of competition in term 2.

High School Divisional Finals

The action heats up in Term 3, starting with the Divisional Finals. This will see the top 4 teams from each Division play in a single elimination knockout finals to determine each Division’s respective champion. The Divisional Finals will take place on the 12th and 19th of August.

High School State Finals

Following the Divisional Finals, we’ll move on to the High School State Finals, where the top 4 teams from each state will compete in a Gauntlet bracket to decide each State Champion. The 4 finalists for each state are determined by the results of the Divisional League Play stage.

The State Finals will be held on the 26th of August and the 2nd of September. Teams will fight to be crowned State Champions, and represent their home state in the High School National Finals.

High School National Finals

After a long haul of competition, the dust settles to reveal just a single team from each state to battle it out in the High School National Finals. Here we’ll find our ultimate champion of the AEL High School Cup. If you’re not competing in the National Finals, you can still get behind your state representative and cheer them on as they contend for all-out glory.

More info on the National Championship will be released at a later date.

Watch Rocket League on the RLO channel

That’s right, RLO will be covering all the Rocket League action from the AEL High School Cup!

Join us as we follow the best action from the May-Hem Tournament, every match in Divisional League 1, Every Divisional Final, all State Championship Matches, and the National Finals!

Tune into on Saturdays at 1pm AEST!

The AEL High School Cup will also be broadcasted on the AEL Facebook page and the AEL Youtube Channel!

Watch Overwatch 2 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the auesportsleague channels

Catch all of the Overwatch 2 and SSBU action on Twitch:

Get involved with the AEL High School Cup

Don’t wanna miss out on the competition? Head over to to find out how to register your team! Registrations close on the 1st of May!

We look forward to seeing you all ready to compete in the AEL High School Cup, this time, with more to play for!


The AEL would also like to give a huge thank you to our sponsors as well who make this all possible:

  • Acer
  • Predator
  • AOC
  • Indomie

The AEL is proudly supported by