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Upcoming Events 2023

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Are you a gaming enthusiast looking for your next fix? Look no further! The AEL is excited to announce our upcoming Esports events for the year. We have a lineup of exciting and engaging events that will cater to gamers of all skill levels and interests. From esports tournaments to conventions, we have something for everyone. So mark your calendars and get ready for a year of non-stop gaming action. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just looking for some fun, our events are sure to be a hit. So, come and join us!

To kick off the year the AEL University Cup will be opening up registrations February 1st with tournaments beginning March 16th. The tournament will feature Rocket League and CS:GO in the division 1 league with Rainbow Six Siege, Dota 2 and others TBD in the open series which is played monthly. The AEL Uni Cup will run for several weeks with matches taking place on designated days and times TBD. Season 2 of the AEL Uni Cup will begin taking registrations in July with tournaments beginning in August featuring the same games as Season 1 with more TBD.

Next up we have 2 new and exciting additions, The Acer High School Summer Series powered by Predator and The Acer High School Spring Series powered by Predator! These tournaments will feature some of the most popular gaming titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Overwatch 2 and Rocket League with an extra game to be announced soon. The Acer High School Cup powered by Predator will take place in between the Summer and Spring series, starting in Term 2 with registrations closing May 2nd. Qualifying teams will continue the competition in Term 3 with tournaments beginning in August. Registrations for the Summer Series close February 20th with tournaments beginning February 27th while registrations for the Spring Series close September 15th with tournaments beginning October 16th.

In addition, the AEL will be heading to Goulburn Comic Con 18 – 19th March, where we will be hosting a free play gaming zone and the Goulburn Cup with tournaments TBD. This will be followed by the Logan Cup 25 – 26th March which will also feature a free play gaming zone with tournaments TBD.

Finally, the AEL will be heading to Oz Comic Con:

  • Perth 1st – 2nd April
  • Adelaide 3rd – 4th June
  • Melbourne 10th – 11th June
  • Canberra 5th – 6th August
  • Brisbane 16th – 17th September
  • Sydney 23rd – 24th September

The AEL area will feature a free play area and tournament zone with tournaments TBD. As part of the convention, we will also have booths where attendees can check out the latest gaming gear and merchandise, as well as meet our team members and learn more about our company.

We can’t wait for our upcoming events and can’t wait for you to join us. Whether you’re a competitive gamer looking to test your skills or just looking for some fun, we have something for everyone. We want to thank you in advance for your support and look forward to seeing you. Remember to follow us on social media for updates and information. Let’s make this year a memorable one for the community!

2021 Clubs League Season 1

By Events
Unique Smash Bros. Players
Unique Tekken Players

Club Champions

City Diggers Wollongong

  • Smash Bros. Champ: Thrillhouse
  • Tekken Champ: Qazsdfgvhn


  • Smash Bros. Champ: Kamik
  • Tekken Champ: SaMB0Y

Brothers Leagues Townsville

  • Smash Bros. Champ: Artrix8
  • Tekken Champ: hbkarl

Call of Duty: Mobile Community Challenge Season 1

By Events

Prize Winners!

1st - Mindfreak | $2,500

MF | Pxngu*

2nd - IFM | $1,250

IFM | Natty

3rd - Invictus | $500

ivs. diaperr
ivs. Dinka
ivs. Kana
ivs. fai

4th - KND | $250


5th - No Mercy | $150

饭家是你爸爸 (RiceHouse)

5th - Yakuza | $150


7th - PRIDExIVORY | $100

PRDx | Gonza
PRDx | Havok
PRDx | Kæyn
PRDx l Hmm

7th - S.W.A.T | $100


2020 Clubs League Grand Finals

By Events

The annual AEL Clubs League Grand Finals but online this time, seeing the culmination of the 2020 AEL Clubs League.

$5000 prize pool

1st: $750
2nd: $500
3rd: $375
4th: $275
5-6th: $175
7-8th: $125

Tekken 7

Full Top 8

1st – Qazsdfgvhn [Wollongong City Diggers]
2nd – CINDERELLA [Wollongong City Diggers]
3rd – TheWolfsLunch [Lismore Workers Club]
4th – Setsuna [Wollongong City Diggers]
5th – Danish Koo [DOOLEYS Lidcombe]
5th – TheBrett [Wollongong City Diggers]
7th – SaMB0y [Norths]
7th – Ar1dayy [Norths]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Full Top 8

1st – PillowTalk [Lismore Workers Club]
2nd – Bjschoey [Wollongong City Diggers]
3rd – 4ParX [Wollongong City Diggers]
4th – Violet [Wollongong City Diggers]
5th – Artrix8 [Brothers Leagues Townsville]
5th – Thorpenado [Wollongong City Diggers]
7th – CloudyOCE [Wollongong City Diggers]
7th – malanaks [C.ex Coffs]

Run It Back

2020 Clubs League Season 3

By Events
Unique Smash Bros. Players
Unique Tekken Players

Club Champions

City Diggers Wollongong

  • Smash Bros. Champ: Bjschoey
  • Tekken Champ: Qazsdfgvhn


  • Smash Bros. Champ: Potato
  • Tekken Champ: Shivstar

Brothers Leagues Townsville

  • Smash Bros. Champ: Riceps
  • Tekken Champ: hbkarl

2020 University League Semester 2

By Events

Prize Winners


1st Place | $2000
RMIT Black

  • Tham
  • TwistEZ
  • Roflko
  • dangeR
  • Mayker
  • Jusi9n
  • RlootS

2nd Place | $625

  • Serquest
  • viridiancity
  • Stosh
  • phfyieyszch
  • Mal
  • deadset

3rd Place | $250
Team Monash

  • Gravinz
  • Spudwrecker
  • Bogeymanh
  • pz
  • tieay
  • Yeti


1st Place | $2000
RMIT Black

  • Baosu
  • spag
  • FishHead
  • Sludgy
  • Kofaa
  • konrean

2nd Place | $625
UOW Esports

  • Markbtw
  • Cebtember
  • Davai Llama
  • Avi
  • Mayo
  • Goobala

3rd Place | $250
UQ Big Chads

  • Oogway
  • infamousamos
  • cool
  • Danka Danka

Rocket League

1st Place | $1200
UOM Help Desk

  • cavemanben
  • Tulendeena
  • Riv
  • Coop0

2nd Place | $375

  • Noizee
  • Baked Potato
  • Paradise

3rd Place | $150
Swinburne University Black

  • Scout
  • LethalForLife
  • Zukoe
  • Magmaz
  • JBrad

Rainbow 6 Siege

1st Place | $2000
RMIT Black

  • Raindrops
  • 9tJin
  • Vendii
  • ndb
  • warmoj
  • redd

2nd Place | $625
Monash Onyx

  • CrxmSpec.Onyx
  • Sconic5.Onyx
  • ATH-Owen500Mk2
  • PIkaa
  • aHao-.
  • JumpStream

3rd Place | $250

  • ybTea
  • Boba
  • FreakingBlue
  • Smooth-Brain
  • DoRaN
  • Shazznick

2020 Bendigo Esports Cup

By Events

“Greater Bendigo has a fantastic reputation for hosting a great range of high-quality sporting and cultural events,” Mayor Cr Margaret O’Rourke said.

“With COVID-19, many of these events have had to be cancelled so it’s wonderful to be able to host a new event remotely, to ensure Bendigo’s name and reputation as an events capital stays strong”.

Rocket League Prize Winners

Smash Bros. Prize Winners

1st Place | $300

  • Pagsi
  • ailgin
  • Jkero

2nd Place | $150
Team 7

  • PeteJones
  • Angery Wigglefloof
  • Riz

3rd Place | $75
3 Fast 3 Furious

  • Prod
  • samewlharris
  • Jonny3175

1st Place | $100 – Luda
2nd Place | $50 – Seer

Proudly presented by

2020 Clubs League Season 2

By Events
Unique Smash Bros. Players
Unique Tekken Players

Club Champions

City Diggers Wollongong

  • Smash Bros. Champ: Thrillhouse
  • Tekken Champ: Qazsdfgvhn


  • Smash Bros. Champ: Potato
  • Tekken Champ: Shivstar
  • FIFA Champ: Runaway

Brothers Leagues Townsville

  • Smash Bros. Champ: KB
  • Tekken Champ: DShrike
  • FIFA Champ: TheSK

2020 Riverina Esports Cup

By Events

Wagga Wagga City Council and the AEL hosted the ‘AEL Riverina Esports Cup’, an online video game competition dedicated to gamers who live in the Riverina area, featuring Rocket League and CSGO!

Rocket League Prize Winners!

1st Place | $300
Don’t you fix potholes?

  • Lishy
  • Thomas!
  • Blip
  • donebus the GOAT

2nd Place | $150
Crack Powered

  • Mr Baggins
  • ras
  • Robert
  • CecLad

3rd Place | $75
Don’t Dog the Boys!

  • BeastyBrent
  • Don
  • Penguu

CS:GO Prize Winners!

1st Place | $500

  • Tesh
  • Dexta
  • nixon
  • Kcrevo
  • Yuko

2nd Place | $250
Killer Disposition

  • John
  • RoboP4nd4
  • Karl
  • That_Spud
  • undead
  • Tortilla Man

3rd Place| $125

  • Harvs
  • ClassicalDig
  • lipriee
  • Simonster
  • Sloppy

Proudly presented by

Scholomance Academy Uni Cup

By Events


  • 1st place: AOC Monitor & the Scholomance Academy University Cup Trophy
  • 2nd place: JBL Headset
  • All players placed 4th and higher received a Mega Bundle
  • 5-8th place: Regular Bundle
  • All players placed 16th and higher received the ‘Power Core’ card back

All participants received the ‘Dalaran Flame’ card back


1st: Ulquiorra (UNSW)
2nd: GiantHammer (Monash)
3rd: Toxicantship (UniSA)
4th: Tempest2000 (UQ)
5th: Pend (USC)
5th: Yazboole (UoN)
7th: NDPisPNash (Curtin)
7th: pLaTiNuM (UTS)
9th: Jhealzz (SUT)
9th: sammybelly (QUT)
9th: Blackthorn (SCU)
9th: ItsMifsud (MQ)
13th: kangamoony (UWA)
13th: BLANCK (UC)
13th: TheKiing (UOM)
13th: Skalerz (Waikato)

Proudly presented by

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