Lol Ruleset

Last updated: July 18, 2017


  1. Competing Eligibility 

  1. Player Eligibility

    Players who are currently NOT competing in either OCS or OPL are only eligible to compete. Players must ALSO be an AUSTRALIAN citizen and RESIDE in AUSTRALIA.

  1. This is determined by         viewing the last playing week of both OCS and OPL 
  2. Players who are currently on contract inside an OCS or OPL team are also not eligible. This includes substitutes.
  3. Players must be an Australian Citizen that is also residing within Australia.  
  1. Player Age Requirements

    Players Must be aged 15 and over

  1. As of August 5th 2017 if the player is not aged 14 years or younger they will be eligible
  2. Players who are turning 15 years as of August 5th 2017 will be eligible.
  3. If a player aged 15 qualifies they must be accompanied by a guardian or parent to Busan, South Korea.  
  1. Roster Requirements

    Each team is required to field a five man roster

  1. The Five starting players as well as substitutes MUST have no current convictions with riot this including:
    Bannable offences
    Competitive bans across all events
    Account banned
  2. Each roster may include substitutes, if they are not listed before the designated check in time they will not be eligible.
  3. Rosters must be finalised by the end of check in time August 5th or they will no longer be eligible.
  4. Players can only be involved with one roster, with the inability to substitute for other roster included in this event.

  1. Tournament Structure 

  1. Swiss Tournament Structure (Day One)
  1. Teams will be randomly seeded into their corresponding groups, the number of groups will be determined from the amount of teams that sign up.
  2. The top two teams from each group with the most amount of points will proceed to the second day of competition
  3. Tie breakers that may occur during the group stage will be reshuffled into their own corresponding groups. In which admins will then provide instructions.
  1. Single Elimination (Day Two)
  1. Teams that qualify for day two will again be randomly seeded into a bracket style tournament.
  2. The last surviving teams will make it into the Grand final competition, which has been allocated to a third day
  1. Grand Final Elimination Best Of Three (Day Three)
  1. The top two teams will compete in a best of three format in which the winner will be attending the IeSF tournament hosted in Busan, South Korea.
  2. A random generation will determine which team decides what side of summoner's rift.

  1. Specific InGame Rules

  1. Eligible Reason For Pause
  1. Teams are allocated 15 minutes each for eligible pause time.
  2. Accepted pause reasons include:
    Unintentional disconnect
    Network issues – Unintentional disconnect
    Riot server issues (Admin approval)
    Admin requesting a timeout
  3. If a game is paused via the server players must contact admins
  4. Once a team has capped over their allocated 15 minutes they must continue the rest of the game regardless of circumstance
  1. Definition Of The Start Of A Game

    If required the admins may ask if a game has been commenced for the need of restarts, pauses or awarded match points.

  1. Players who have seen an opposing member on summoner's rift
  2. Any attack or ability used on a minion or monster or player regardless of side of map.
  3. Any player that steps into established vision via a ward or any vision assisting instrument
  4. Once the jungle monsters have spawned (01:36)
  1. Game Restarts
  1. Games may be restarted if both admin and teams have agreed and if the game by definition has not started.
  2. If the game has encountered a critical bug it may be restarted after the game has been started. Only considered once the following has been met and accepted:
    Proof of the game breaking bug via video of screenshot
    Admin spectating the game live
    All ten players have discussed and accepted with admins

  1. Match Determination

    Once the match has officially ended via destruction of nexus or correlation of gold lead, the winner must be determined.  

  1. Screenshots will be required for the justification of a victory (only when required.)
  2. Matches should only be disputed if there is a technical error on the tournament website or if there is a mistake placed within the admins
  3. In the rare case of a pause issue or in game issue games may be determined by admins via the determination of a lead
  1. A lead must include objectives, gold or nexus leads
  1. In the result of a team not turning up on time or deciding on a forfeit both captains must message admins about the change of circumstance.
  2. If a player has been caught breaking any of the rules provided the game will instantly terminate and result in a victory for the opposing team.
  1. Player Behavior

  1. Player Conduct

    Players MUST follow and accept these rules set by AEL and other administering members, if players are caught with the following allegations the corresponding actions will be taken set by this rule set.

  1. Abiding by set AEL regulations included in the terms and conditions and other signed documentation
  2. Match fixing or specific throwing as determined by admins
  3. Sending valuable information to an opposing team in the hopes of match determination
  4. Players not playing to their full ability and throwing a result.
  1. InGame Exploitation And Cheating

    Players determined to be abusing any part of exploitation or hacking will be result in their team being removed from the competition and having an immediate report being sent to riot. Admins will have the full ability to determine whether a player has been caught abusing or cheating within a tournament game.

  1. The use of a script or hack to gain a considerable advantage against an opposing side
  2. An exploitation to gain an advantage in game with the help of an outside source and to the full knowledge of the player
  3. The use of cheating equipment from an input device
  4. Having another user who isn’t the owner of the account, use and play in a tournament game.
  5. The use of any lag assisting devices
  1. Player Harassment

    Any harassment will be taken with utmost seriousness, admins will determine what the result of being caught. Banned actions are.

  1. Sexual harassment with the evidence via screen capture
  2. Verbal harassment with the victim providing evidence to the administrators
  3. Written abuse regardless of in game or out of game chat
  4. The content to cause harm or disorder whilst in a tournament game
  5. Discrimination or racism of ANY kind will result in an instant termination from the tournament
  1. Final Rulings

  1. Admin determination
  1. As with any ruleset there is alway the full right of the admins to make a final decision based on riot rules and the rules provided by AEL
  2. Admins have the full right to make a final judgement on a player or team